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CHNTCEL Lighting is a premier LED canopy lights supplier and manufacturer in China. We initiated the CHNTCEL Lighting in year 2004 with a goal of supporting retailers, wholesalers, and contractors to enhance satisfaction and profitability of their lighting business.

CHNTCEL is your one-stop supplier for all your lighting needs. We specialize in providing OEM services and wholesale prices, so you can get the best deal on the highest quality products.

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Best Gas Station LED Canopy light

The CB certified recessed canopy LED light is primarily intended for use in gas stations and petroleum stations. We have introduced 3 wattages namely 60W, 90W, 110W of LED canopy lights to cater a wide range of gas station applications. All the three models have a high luminous efficacy of 130lm/W and color temperature of 6500k which makes the LED canopy light optimum for task lighting need.

The inbuilt surge protector contributes for protection against higher voltage fluctuations. The symmetrical beam angle of LED Canopy Light is customized for low-mounting applications to provide uniform vertical and horizontal light distribution with reduced glare for your gas station effectively. The canopy lights have a higher impact resistance and ingress protection of IK 08, and IP 66 respectively.

We have identified that most customers might need the gas station lights to be simply embed in the canopy roof. But there are several instances where you might be interested to have your Gas station lights to be surface mounted on the soffit when you have a concrete slab instead of a false ceiling. We have a novel product which can be pole mounted to be used when your gas station ceiling is too high thus illuminating through vertical lighting is not achievable.

led canopy light for gas station
Mounting OptionWattageCCTDimension(mm)IPVacHzInput CurrentTa(℃)Weight(kg)Application
Surface mounting LED canopy light60W3000k-6500k302*302*93IP66220-240V50/60Hz0.30A-30~+503.9Indoor
Recessed mounting LED canopy light60W400*400*900.30A
Pole Mounting LED canopy light60W302*302*1650.30A4.5Outdoor

Surface mount LED canopy light

surface mounting LED canopy lights
surface mounting LED canopy lights
surface mounting LED canopy lights

Recessed mount LED canopy light

recessed mounting LED canopy lights
recessed mounting LED canopy lights
recessed mounting LED canopy lights

Pole mount LED canopy light

pole mounting LED canopy lights
pole mounting LED canopy lights
pole mounting LED canopy lights

Customized LED Canopy Lights

We know you want your gas station to go above and beyond for your customers. We know you want to best LED canopy lights. If it’s so, simply get in touch with us to share your thoughts. We have an internal expert panel that can accommodate any requests for customization.

We are very good at handling the following set of customizations for gas station lights:

  • Wattage of lamp
  • Color temperature of lamp
  • Beam angle of Lamp
  • Material of construction
  • Dimming options
  • Housing finish color
  • etc

Why work with CHNTCEL lighting?

Reasons to Buy Gas Station Lights from us

We are the leader in the LED light fittings market in China with 2 decades of experience catering local and international markets. We monitor our growth through the Customer satisfaction and long term B2B contracts with leading businesses. We are well aware about the GAS station lighting requirements and we offer customization and modification as per Customer requirement. We ensure that regulatory safety compliance are met and willing to cater any further improvements as per the project guidelines. Our expert technical and financial units are ready to meet the deadline for your next order with competitive prices.

Multiple Installation

We offer ceiling recessed, surface mounted, and pole mounted LED canopy lights for your gas station

Customization Available

Our in-house tech team are ready to listen your solar street lighting needs and cater the best solution at competitive prices

Dialux Evo Design

Our lighting engineers are available to provide lighting design study report using Dialux Evo on request free of charge

Energy Efficient

All our products are tested to ensure 130 lumen/W, drastically reducing your energy bill while catering higher illumination

Quality Ensured

Our canopy LED lights are made to meet global standards with CB certification.

Warranty Time

We offer 5-year warranty on our products, so you can rest zero tension since we are there to help you

LED Canopy Lights FAQ

CHNTCEL is a gas station canopy lights factory. We know you must have a lot of questions for us. If you don’t find the answers to your question, just drop a message and we will reply within 24 hours.

What is impact resistance?

The Impact resistance refers to the ability of a material to withstand sudden or severe force or impact. This is a 1 to 10 system, with higher numbers indicating a more robust product that can withstand greater impact. The IK04 can only withstand 0.5 joules without damage. This corresponds to 0.25kg impact from a 200 mm drop. Our Gas station Canopy LED lights is rated as IK08 and can withstand 10 times as much impact as previous IK04 product. This corresponds to dropping a 1.7kg of weight from a height of 300mm.

What is the difference between LM79, LM80, and TM21?

The led lighting product manufacturing procedures needs to be assessed against the recommendations of global standardization bodies. LM-79, LM-80 and TM-21 are standardized documents that ensures the luminous flux output of LED products are maintained at recommended levels.  LM-79 is an approved process that measures the electrical and photometric properties of LED products.  LM-80 is an approved process that measures the lumen maintenance of the flux for a group of LEDs at various operating temperatures. TM-21 is IESNA authorized method for taking LM-80 information and making beneficial LED lifetime projections from it.

What is ESD (Electro Static Discharge)?

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a spark discharged due to a high voltage difference in an insulating material. Semiconductor devices, LEDs, and LED drives can be easily damaged due to electro static discharge of a few volts. An LED manufacturing plant needs to maintain precautionary steps to avoid ESD which can result in a major loss for properties.

What is DEKRA?

Founded in 1925 in Berlin, Germany, DEKRA is the world’s largest privately held professional organization in the TIC sector. Dekra offers materials and reliability testing of LED lighting products to evaluate and validate how they handle challenging conditions such as extreme temperatures and shock. DEKRA ensures consumer safety through rigorous product testing.

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