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CHNTCEL Lighting is a garden spotlight manufacturer. We specialize in making top quality spotlights for all landscape uplighting applications that are designed to make your garden shine.

Our team of designers, engineers and craftsmen work hard to ensure each spotlight we make is the best it can be. We’ve spent years developing our products, so you can rest assured that no details has been overlooked.

No matter if you run a landscape business or if you’re a garden LED spotlight importer, you will find a solution here!

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black die-cast aluminum led spotlight
square led garden spotlight
grey die-cast aluminum led spotlight
black led garden spotlight

Low Voltage LED Spotlights

We have a wide range of 12v led spotlights available, from simple spotlights to more elaborate designs that combine different colors and effects in one fixture. Whatever your style or needs maybe, we have something for you!

brass garden led spotlights

Customized Garden Lights

We also offer custom options for any project you might be working on. If you need something special for your garden or other outdoor space, we can help!

Housing Material

The LED spotlight housing is the outer shell of the light fixture and it protects the inner components from damage and weather. The most common types of housing material is brass and aluminum.

Power Source

Our plug and play low voltage 12V garden spotlights are easy to install. Being plug and play means you can move them around your garden whenever needed. If you prefer 110V/220V AC power, we got you covered as well.

Color Temperature

Our outdoor garden spotlights are available in cool, warm and neutral white color temperatures and also DMX multicolor if you would like to enjoy colorful glow of lights.

RGB garden LED light

Why work with CHNTCEL lighting?

Why Work with us

Various Designs

We have various types of lights to suit the need of different customers. You will always find what you love.

Customization Available

Our in-house tech team are ready to listen your lighting needs and cater the best solution at competitive prices

Dialux Evo Design

Our lighting engineers are available to provide lighting design study report using Dialux Evo on request free of charge

 Feasibility Study

We are ready to provide you a feasibility report on bollard light installation based on your project geographical positioning

Quality Ensured

Our lights are made to meet global standards UL, GS, CE, and SAA. We can submit documentation for your regional approval as well

Warranty Time

We offer 5-year warranty on most of our LED products, so you can rest easy knowing that if anything goes wrong with your light, we’ll be there to help


CHNTCEL is a LED light factory manufacturing various types of commercial led spotlights . We know you must have a lot of questions for us. If you don’t find the answers to your question, just drop a message and we will reply within 24 hours.

About LED spotlights

What are LED garden spotlights?

LED garden spotlights are a great way to illuminate your garden. They’re small and energy-efficient. They can be used as accent lights or full-on spotlights. The options are limitless!

Are LED spotlights better than halogen

Yes, they are! LED garden spotlights are better than halogen because they last longer and use less electricity. They also produce a more focused light which can be ideal for certain situations.

How much are garden spotlights?

To purchase the LED garden spotlights directly from the factory in China, the price will be very competitive. It costs from 10USD to 30USD depending on the specifications and quantity.

About purchasing from CHNTCEL

Can I get a sample garden spotlight?

Yes, samples are available for our customers. Sample prices are a bit higher than bulk order prices. For details, please contact us to request more info.

What is your production lead time?

Our production lead time is usually between 7 to 15 days. Some products take 30 days.

However, that can vary depending on the product you’re ordering and the current situation with COVID-19. If raw materials are hard to come by, it will take longer for us to process your order.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept wire transfer or you may place an order on our Alibaba shop via Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union, etc.

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