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Take advantage of solar energy when designing your outdoor lighting projects. We offer competitive wholesale prices for global customers.

As an established solar lighting fixture manufacturer, Taicheng Lighting has over 18 years of experience in LED lighting research and development, production and sales both in domestic market and overseas market. We have achieved patents of our LED lights and have always been active in taking part in government solar lighting projects in China.

If you're looking to buy LED solar lights in bulk, you're at the right place. We will offer you the best prices no matter you're a solar light retailer, wholesaler or contractor. You will find a satisfying solution here at Taicheng Lighting.

How Do LED Solar Lights Work?

Solar energy is a green energy source used on LED Solar lights. Solar panels convert photovoltaic to electricity to power the LED chips. The batteries in the solar light store electricity during the day and power the light via the controller at night.

Components of LED Solar Lights

Battery: lead-acid batteries vs lithium batteries

lead-acid batteries

  • have been around for a long time
  • cost-effective battery for LED solar lights
  • lead-acid batteries are not compact
  • could cause environmental pollution in production
  • price not stable due to the price change of lead

lithium batteries

  • smaller in size and weight compared with lead-acid batteries
  • more flexible in use cases
  • price is higher than lead-acid batteries

Solar Panel

Solar panel is a critical part of LED solar lights. It plays a critical rule in converting the sunshine to electricity and sending the electricity to the battery for storage.


Controller in solar lights is used to manage to solar lighting system.

During the day, the controller charges the battery with the electricity generated by solar panel.

At night, the controller discharges to power the LED chip so that it is bright in the dark.

The controller also manages the battery during rainy and cloudy days to make sure the battery lasts long enough. Intelligent controllers are able to adjust the LED chip brightness automatically to save energy and make sure it lights up your space for a maximum of time.

LED Chip

LED chip is the light source in the solar lights. Some of our solar lights use premium LED chips which has luminous efficiency up to 180lm/w. That means the solar lights can be very bright at night.

Lamp Housing

Most of our solar lights are made of die-cast aluminum for the best durability and heat dissipation. While some customers may require lower price options, that's why we also offer ABS lamp housing to reduce the production costs of solar lights.

LED Solar Lights Manufacturer

Taicheng Lighting is a LED solar light factory in China.

We have a passion for quality, and we know that our customers are looking for the same thing. We are committed to offering the highest level of service and product quality, and we want to be the first choice for all of your LED solar light needs.

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